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  1. Price your home at or just below market. (Be cautious not to overprice your home, this will cost you money.)
  2. Stage your home for showings (See Rand’s information included)
  3. Make an attractive, detailed flyer for your home. (Rand’s example)
  4. Get a lender’s good faith estimate—using your sale price and showing several loan options. (see example in kit)
  5. Put eye-catching FOR SALE sign in front yard.  Color is great. (Never use hand written signs)
  6. Place an information tube or box on or near the sign and keep filled with informational flyers about the home and how to reach you.
  7. Distribute 100 flyers to neighbors. (Many times, your neighbors will know a buyer for your home)
  8. Make up small ad cards with photos and place on bulletin boards (credit union, workplace, etc.).
  9. Advertise on the internet—Many sites are available for home sales
  10. Place an ad in local paper’s real estate section.  Always advertise price, address and key features.
  11. Hold open houses at regular intervals (Saturday - Sunday afternoons are best)
  12. Don’t be bashful about letting people know you are selling your home.  You never know who might be looking or someone who is looking.










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